Schengen Countries

Study in Schengen Countries and build a great career

A Schengen visa, also known as a Europe visa, allows eligible individuals to travel freely within the 26 participating Schengen Area countries. Border checks remain in place for travelers crossing external borders, however. These are the borders between Schengen and non-Schengen states.

Why choose Schengen Countries?

Why study in Schengen Countries? Look at the points below to know the key benefits of studying in Schengen Countries:

  • Europe is home to several of the top universities in the world. European cross-border collaborations have produced a vibrant global academic community that carries out cutting-edge research.
  • In Europe, there are thousands of colleges that provide tens of thousands of English-language study programs. Programs are available in every academic field, from Arts to Zoology; at tiny, quaint universities or huge, global research institutions.
  • A student visa that allows you to travel to other Schengen Area nations is simple to get. Consider all the wonderful experiences you may have even if you live far from the university.
  • Lots of other opportunities are open to international students. You can travel to the Schengen areas and find the perfect place where you can continue your next journey. 

Top Schengen Countries to study

Our top Schengen country list is given below.

  1. Czech Republic, 2) Denmark, 3) Finland, 4) France, 5) Germany, 6) Hungary, 7) Italy, 8) Lithuania, 9) Malta, 10) Netherlands, 11) Norway, 12) Spain, 13) Sweden, 14) Switzerland

The visa success ratio depends on many matters. Visit our office or contact us to learn more about which country we are working on or not. We are not currently working on a Portugal student visa because the visa ratio is not good, but might start again if the situation changes. To keep up to date, please follow our Facebook page and website.

Tuition fees depend on the university to university, location, country, and many more. Compare to others, the tuition fees of Malta, Lithuania, and Hungary are very low.

Every country that is mentioned above has PSW and part-time work opportunities. our expert consultant will inform you of every detail of those matters to make the correct decision.

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