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Short Summary Of Our Services


Student Counselling

With personalized consultations, we at GRC help you organize and simplify your study abroad objectives. We also seek to provide all students with reliable data and recommendations to assist them to make educated selections.
We’ve collaborated with more than 150 educational institutions. Our counselors will assess your academic performance, financial situation, and other variables to assist you in selecting the best university for you.


University Admissions

Our experts will begin processing your application after you have chosen a suitable university and submitted all relevant documentation. The admissions procedure may differ from one university to another.


Visa Consultancy

We will send you a thorough document checklist for your visa application once you have received your enrolment confirmation. Our compliance and professional visa application team will meet with students and guardians to discuss student visa issues.
When all of the required documents are submitted, our team will assist you in completing the visa application process.


Accommodation Advice

Our counselor will advise the student on safe housing options. There are several on-campus and off-campus housing options available. Also, we will provide information about other cost ideas such as transportation, food cost, etc.


Pre-Departure Briefing

We will organize a pre-departure information and networking event once you have gotten your visa. You can meet other students and university representatives at that event. All aspects of travel and student living will be reviewed with you. Our staff can also help you buy airline tickets through our affiliated travel agents.

How To Apply!

Academic Assessment

We will assess the file based on your educational documents, CV, and profile, and let you know your eligibility.

Choose university and subject

Based on your preferences and requirements, we will help you select the right university and subject.

Online application processing

We will do all the online application processing and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Accept the offer letter quickly

After that, get your offer letter as soon as possible. It doesn’t take much time to receive offer letter.

Pay your tuition fees

You can pay your tuition fees on your own but if you don’t have the payment method, we are here for you.

Get enrolment confirmation

After the successful payment, the university will send you an enrolment confirmation. 

Visa application processing

When all the documents are provided our team will assist you to complete the entire visa process.

Get your dream visa and fly

Get your visa and have a great journey to a bright future. Our team can also assist you to book air tickets through our partnered travel agents.

Build a great career

Make your dream into reality with a little help from our agency and achieve your dream career.

Are you ready to take the next step toward your future education?

The right choice or decision can change your life. So, if you are thinking about studying abroad and want to apply then you shouldn’t be late. Because you are in the right place. So, book the appointment right now.